The World's Fattest Giraffe.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is a Strange But True Animal Fact/Fiction. This Photo was taken in Tanzania by Louigie Leeky while on a recent safari trip. Hard to believe isnt it? Well, it depends on how you weigh this out. What do you think?


Jay said...

Kirbs.. tsada pero dili gadawat ang ppp ug photoblogs.. Hhehehe

Ako rani ilink sa blog nako.. thanks sa paghimo ug post about sa poll..:)

adam davidson dave said...

david doodoos eating googos sai d divin to dee re eating wee wee and kinky poopoo

Tay said...

This is oso fake. Yall need to stop.This is not funny at all.

jflux13 said...

yea right, this is a computerized picture used a joke by a binocular company, "you'll see everything ten times bigger," company is ZIEZZ (the last two Z's are backwards), why are you even tryin to pull a lame prank on a website that gets no hits? i only came here cuz i was googling fat animal images looking for the biggest version for my comp background (haha, i know), tanzania my ***!

BadChic295 said...


carin m said...

this has to be fake your joking right

hannah said...

OMG this is so awesome but i cant figure out if it is fake or real!!!

wierd animaloligist said...

the fat girrafe is real

kasia said...

the----is wrong with that thing
i agree with my sister here with me that this is fake =P

p.s - nice comp. work attempted,


shebertaff said...
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