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Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Random Interesting And Snapple Facts About Animals Part 6

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Its been sometime since I updated this blog so I am now very much in the mood of sharing to you guys the things that really interests me when it comes to animals. You know what it is? Its their unusualness that really keeps my brain tingling very much like a working clock. What it says is that animals can never be measured bluntly; there is still much to learn about them and appreciate about them and thats why we are amazed when we hear these strange but true facts about animals.

I think i have been keeping you for so long so here it goes. . . .

Leatherback turtles' throats have spines that keep slippery prey like jellyfish from sliding out and escaping.

Amazon ants raid the nests of other ants to steal the other ants' larvae to hatch in their own nest. Then they use the hatched ants to do all their work for them. Amazon ants are so adapted to fighting that they can't take care of themselves or their nest - that's why they steal and raise other ants as slaves.

Dolphins can swim and sleep at the same time.

In 7 years, one female cat and her babies can theoretically be the source of 420,000 cats.

Male anglerfish physically attach themselves to females early in life. The females continue to grow but the males don't. The males are parasites. Over time, they lose most of their inner organs and depend on the female's bodies to survive. Two males may live off one female.

Armadillos have four babies at a time, and they are always the same sex.

A large majority of white cats with blue eyes are deaf. White cats with only one blue eye are deaf only in the ear closest to the blue eye. White cats with orange eyes do not have this disability.

Animals that lay eggs don’t have bellybuttons.

Slugs have 4 noses.

Elephants sleep for only 2 hours a day.

Fish cough.

A snail breathes through its foot.

Shrimp can only swim backward.

Male satin bower birds build "bowers," or shelters, out of sticks and leaves. The birds decorate the bowers with brightly coloured objects they find, like buttons, bottle caps, cloth, clothes pins, paper clips, string, and gum wrappers. Using charcoal softened with saliva to make black paint and chewed berries to make red, bower birds paint the inside of their bowers.

Oysters can change from one gender to another and back again.

Fish can drown.

Lizards communicate by doing push-ups.

Squid can have eyes the size of volleyballs.

The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps.

Elephants go through six sets of teeth in their lifetime. When their last set wears down, they cannot eat anymore and die.

African elephants take at least 3 baths a day.

Elephants trunks can be up to 7 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds.

Anteaters walk on their knuckles.

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs-it will let you go instantly.

Reindeer like to eat bananas.

The average chocolate bar has 8 insects' legs in it.

A cockroach can live nine days without its head before it starves to death.

A rhinoceros horn is made of compacted hair.

A shrimp's heart is in their head.

In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand.

Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over 1 million descendants.

Thats it guys! Hope you really enjoyed where I put my efforts into when I am not posting here. Just show me some love by coming back over again some time. Be safe!

Another Wierd And Unusually Strange Animal

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Its been sometime since i posted here some wierd animals and in this light, i searched high and low for the animals that you might want to check out if you want to see some strange creatures. Now i made a post about axolotl, the aye-aye and the angora rabbit which I received some notable comments and that you guys wanted more so here I am again, with the ultimate pleasure of putting you guys in awe.

This one is quite a great find. This baby is known as the Blob Fish, a slimy little cutie. (eew! did i just sound like a sissy girl?). Anyway, as you can see, this fish does not almost have a bone, more so a skeletal system. The only thing that keeps this baby in tact is its minimal muscles. As it turns out, it if found in great depths in Tasmanian Ocean that is probably even deeper than the big deeper. Im just kidding! lol

Anyways, this unusual creature is lazy as it only floats on the ocean depths and wait for some food debris to get into its way and all it has to do is to suck it in and that pretty much is lunch for this strange animal.

Personally, i find the nose of this creature funny. Just look at it, its like a plastic surgery done half way because of financial constraints. haha! I have nothing against this big guy but hey, even celebrities are being probed for this issue.

Thats it for todays post guys! Be safe!

Animal Unusual Facts Part 5

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey guys! Its been sometime since i posted unusual facts about animals so to move on from my list, this is the part 5 of the things you love about this blog. Go ahead guys! Enjoy yourselves! ;)

The left leg of a chicken in more tender than the right one.

The only dog that doesn't have a pink tongue is the chow.

The giraffe has the highest blood pressure of any animal.

Zebras can't see the color orange.

There are more insects in ten square feet of a rain forest than there are people in Manhattan.

The smartest dogs are the Jack Russell Terrier and Scottish Border collie. Dumbest: Afghan hound.

A rat can go without water longer than a camel can.

Spider-Goat - Scientists have managed to mix a goat with a spider to create a goat that produces spider's silk in its milk. The goats look completely normal, and they are in fact only 1/70,000th spider. By inserting just one spider gene into a goat's egg, the adult goat produces milk that can be processed to create an incredibly strong spider's silk fabric. The 'Biosteel' fabric is estimated to be five times as strong as steel, and about the same weight as cotton.

A cow produces 200 times more gas a day than a person.

The oldest domestic cat (with reliable documentation) was a female tabby named "Ma" that lived to be 34 years old.

In ancient Egypt, killing a cat was a crime punishable by death.

The biggest frog in the world, the Goliath frog, is also the best high-jumper. It can leap 3 metres into the air.

A giraffe can clean its ear with its 21-inch tongue.

The opening to a cave where a bear hibernates is always on the north slope.

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

Elephant ears can weigh over 100 pounds and be 6 feet across. They use them to fan and cool themselves.

When an elephant family member dies, they bury them with twigs and leaves and "cry" for several hours.

Certain frogs can be frozen solid, then thawed, and survive. (note from Becky: PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS!)

Carmine bee-eaters (a type of bird) begin their nest holes by flying head-first into the dirt to make a dent. They line their nest holes with the remains of insects they eat and then throw up - the smell keeps the rodents away.

Elephants have been found swimming miles from shore in the Indian Ocean.

If you keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will eventually turn white.

Cats do not have a collarbone, so they can fit through any opening the size of their head.

Elephants have been known to remain standing after they die.

A dragonfly's penis is shovel-shaped at the end, to scoop a rival male's sperm out of the female it's impregnating.

Unusual Fruits : Great Melon Carvings

Saturday, November 3, 2007

For today's post, i would like to introduce to you another topic that is unheard of from this blog. I stumbled upon alot of great things from the internet and this one is definitely one of them. How often can you see such a superb art using only a fruit and more specifically, a watermelon? Not everyday im afraid.

Go ahead, feed your eyes on the wonders that is "melon-carving".

Funny Car Crashes

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For this post, i think im in the mood of giving you guys videos the the world's funniest car crashes. Well, this is the first time im going to post videos on this blog so do give me feedbacks about this one.

This guy is ridiculously funny. What in God's name is he thinking? A strong guess would be imitating the fast and furious scene. Well, Vin Diseal is one thing but this guy?! You have got to be kidding me!

Now this is compilation of different clips from racing bloopers, to funny car crashes, and it even got surprise appearance of grandma. lol! Check this out. . . Youre going to love this.

This right here is my final video for this post. Its so funny i got my lungs over used. lol maybe thats a bit exaggerated but you get my point. lol Check this out! Dont forget to show me some love, just come back often, and im happy. ;) Be safe guys!

Another Weird Animal

Dear readers! Its time again to present another weird animal to each and every one of you. For this post, im going to tackle an animal from the mighty forests and close to the genes of humans. Oh c'mon! Im not talking about whales and clams here.

You know what im referring to. But hey! its not the average ones you see on discovery channel and animal planet. Dont believe me? Read on.

Notice its nose? Its one hell of a sniffer! Now, im not a zoologist so its pretty wise to refer to sources. Here it goes. . .

Nasalis larvatus also known as Long-nosed Monkey is a reddish-brown arboreal Old World monkey. It is the only species in monotypic genus Nasalis.

The most distinctive trait of this monkey is the male's large protruding nose. The purpose of the large nose is unclear, but it has been suggested that it is a result of sexual selection. The female Proboscis Monkey prefers big-nosed male, thus propagating the trait.

Males are much larger than females, reaching 72 cm (28 inches) in length, with an up to 75 cm tail, and weighing up to 24 kg (53 pounds). Females are up to 60 cm long, weighing up to 12 kg (26 lb).

The Proboscis Monkey also has a large belly, as a result of its diet. Its digestive system is divided into several parts, with distinctive gut flora, which help in digesting leaves. This digestive process releases a lot of gas, resulting in the monkey's "bloated" bellies. A side-effect of this unique digestive system is that it is unable to digest ripe fruit, unlike most other simians. The diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds and leaves. Source:wikipedia

Now, hows that for an interesting animal? That's it for today folks! Be sure to bookmark this blog and keep on coming back! You will never regret it. Promise! ;)

Unusual Facts About Animals Part 4

Ok now this is my part 4 of the random wierdness of animals around the world. Go through them, and maybe appreciate what you didnt know. Enjoy!

Frogs may be hypnotised by placing them on their back and gently stroking their stomach.

Even if you cut off a cockroach's head, it can live for several weeks.

Research indicates that mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas.

Some ribbon worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

There are more plastic flamingos in the U.S, than real ones.

Owls are one of the only birds who can see the color blue.

A jellyfish is 95 percent water.

The starfish is one of the only animals that can turn its stomach inside out.

A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds.

A mule won't sink in quicksand but a donkey will.

More people are killed annually by donkeys than in airplane crashes.

Penguins are the only birds that can leap into the air like porpoises.

By some unknown means, an iguana can end its own life.

Pigs can cover a mile in 7.5 minutes when running at top speed.

When a horned toad is angry, it squirts blood from its eyes.

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

A scallop has 35 blue eyes.

Rick Jacobs Claims Bigfoot Sighting with Photos

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I thought the previous post about Angora Rabbit would be my last post for the day but i just have to post about this most recent Bigfoot Sighting.

A hunter in Pennsylvania named Rick Jacobs claims he has has a Bigfoot Sighting after wandering around the Allegheny forests. The picture here shows a figure close to a bear and a gorilla but local officials dismissed it as "a bear with skin disease". Rick says he captured it using a low quality camera that is on auto-trigger. Furthermore, the exact location of the Bigfoot Sighting was not disclosed to avoid the rush of bigfoot fanatics. They got the attention of the Bigfoot Research Organization and they are in to investigate. Let's see how they do.

Could this really be the "real" bigfoot? or is it just one of the urban legends we come to love?. Well, this is certainly not the end of it. Be sure to come back often as I run over this occurrences.

One Of The Weirdest Animals On Earth : The Angora Rabbit

Its time again to post another weird animal. This one is a variety of animals that we have come to adore both as a pet and as a media character. Dear readers, let me present to you. . . The Angora Rabbit.

Angora what?! Well, this fluffy weird creature is quite unique as you can see. By the way, what do you see? I see only a fur ball with a dark, rounded, gorilla faced rabbit (i assume it really is one). Well this is the point wherein we have to consult to our research to give a clearer picture of what this strange animal really is.

Heres what i knew from my ramblings : Its a domestic bred rabbit which originated from Ankara (the capital of turkey) and thus explains the name. Another thing is that it was brought to Europe as Royal Pets of the rich and famous during their times. Its fur, as what caught our attention, is easily pulled out even by just gentle pressure. Think of it as a balding hair, youll get an idea. lol

Thats it! I have brought you guys another reason to celebrate the distinctness of nature. There's even more from where it came from. So, be sure to come back often. Bookmark us! Youll never regret it.

Till the next post! Be safe! ;)

List of Unusually Strange Names and Weird Names

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Its been like three days since i last posted for this blog. So, i wanted to make out and post something different. Today, im going to post about weird names. They have been verified as facts so its not a wise thing to argue about their reality.

* Armand Hammer, famous industrialist. Named after the "Arm and Hammer" symbol of the Socialist Labor Party.
* Christine Daaé, A fan who is obsessed with Phantom of the Opera and had her name legally changed to that of the character.
* Eros-Adonis. Name of a Belgian boy.
* Espn (pronounced Espin). The name of two boys from Michigan and Texas, named for the popular cable sports channel ESPN. However, in Scandinavia, both Esben and Espen are somewhat common names.
* Hapoel Tel Aviv, a baby born in Israel in 2006, who was named by his father after his favourite football club Hapoel Tel Aviv.
* Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of filmmaker Kevin Smith, named for the Joker's sidekick Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series.
* Iuma Dylan-Lucas Thornhill. Named after the Internet Underground Music Archive's "Name Your Baby IUMA" contest.
* Jesus Christ. Born Jose Luis Espinal, he legally changed his name in December 2005.
* Jesus Christ Allin, later Kevin Michael Allin, most well known as GG Allin, named by his fanatically religious father
* John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood, a fan of the same.
* Joker Arroyo, a Philippine Senator. His name derives from his father's fondness of playing cards. He has a brother named Jack, also for the playing card of the same name
* Kal-El Coppola, son of actor Nicolas Cage, is named for the fictional character Superman.
* Keldorn - First name of an Estonian boy named after the character Keldorn Firecam from the PC game Baldur's Gate 2
* Kenesaw Mountain Landis, American jurist and baseball commissioner, named after Kennesaw Mountain near Atlanta, Georgia.
* Matrix, an Estonian named so by his parents due to them seeing the movie of the same name. Shortly after this case a law was enacted by Estonian parliament to prevent further naming children after celebrities, misspellings and cultural references, as it might become annoying for a child once he grows up.
* MegaZone, an American IT/programming geek who legally changed his name (from Brian Bikowicz) on April 12, 2000. Originally taking the name from Megazone 23 as a login in 1989.
* Metallica. Daughter of Michael and Karolina Tomaro.
* Minty Clinch. Film publicist and journalist on The Observer
* Oleúde José Ribeiro, nicknamed "Capitain" was a Brazilian football player. His first name is a badly misspelled rendition of Hollywood
* Optimus Prime. A member of the United States National Guard.
* Sony PlayStation, born John Serling, legally changed his name after he became obsessed with the game console
* Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel. British political candidate self-renamed after a Monty Python character. Born John Desmond Lewis.
* Tomer.com, an Israeli programmer.
* Tupac Shakur rapper named after an Incan.
* Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K, a baby born in St. Francis Health Center in Kansas in 2003.

These are the kind of names you wooudnt expect to be meeting anytime soon, but if you do, make sure you take out a photo and a proof about his real name, you might just win bragging rights to your friends.

Interesting, Bizzare and Weird Sports - That Sums It All Up

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cheese Rolling

Without any doubt in my mind, this has got to be the most unusual and the strangest sport today. It happens in Cooper Hill, England. It is incredibly dangerous that it is very uncommon if all the players leave without a broken bone or an injured skull. How is it played? first, a master of ceremonies gives the countdown - "One to be ready, two to be steady, three to prepare, four to be off" - and then up to 20 contestants chase a seven-pound circular block of cheese down a steep, bumpy hillside, trying to catch it before it gets to the bottom of 300 yards below. Four games are played over the course of one day, including one for women.

This is a video of a recent competition. Watch and decide for yourself. Now, how do you define an "extreme sport"?

Viking's Extreme Cricket

As with many aspects of their culture, it’s unclear exactly what kinds of games the Vikings played, but one thing is certain - their games were incredibly brutal and violent, since they were considered training for personal combat.

From vague descriptions in Icelandic "sagas" - histories of the Vikings that were passed down orally for hundreds of years before finally being transcribed in the 1900s - one ball game sounds a bit like an early and very violent version of cricket. The main difference being that most contemporary cricket players can expect to survive to the end of the game.

Vikings, on the other hand, weren’t always so lucky. "Egil and Thord played against Skallagrim, who grew tired and they came off better. But the evening after sunset, Egil and Thord began losing. Skallagrim was filled with such strength that he seized Thord and dashed him to the ground so fiercely that he was crushed by the blow and died on the spot."

Random Unusual Facts About Animals Part 3

Here is another one from my unusual animals trivia vault. Ill be posting them by parts so you would have time to absorb it all. Have fun!

When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.

Frogs and mosquitos have teeth.

The underside of a horse's hoof is called a frog.

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.

Crocodiles never outgrow the pools in which they live. That
means that if you put a baby croc in an aquarium, it would be little for the rest of its life.

Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards, and are on the Australian coat of arms for that reason.

When frogs eat something that is poisonous or otherwise bad for them, they can throw up their entire stomach. That is, the stomach actually protrudes through their mouth and they wipe it with their right front leg.Why the right front leg? The stomach of frogs is slightly towards their left side. When the stomach is ejected, it pulls to the right (since the membranes holding the stomach in place are shorter on that side). Since the right front leg can reach the stomach (and the left can't), frogs use their right leg to wipe the stomach and get rid of whatever nasty material is disturbing them.

Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.

Cat's urine glows under a blacklight.

When opossums are playing "possum", they are not playing. They actually pass out from sheer terror.

Murphy's Oil Soap is the chemical most commonly used to clean elephants.

Most cows give more milk when they listen to music.

Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air.

The world population of chickens is about equal to the number of people.

Interesting but Unusual Facts About Animals : A Chicken Survived Headless

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now This story about mike (a wonder chicken) is strange as it is amazing. I categorized it as fact vs. fiction because it stirs up the imagination and logic of everyone including me. Heck, i couldnt believe this story either when i first heard i mean read about it. Let's see how you do.

Mike was a rooster that lived in the 1940's, and he lived even after his head was chopped off...for 18 more months! No kidding guys, this one hell of a chicken lived that long.

Farmer Olsen was planning on making fried chicken for his mother-in-law, and her favorite part was the neck. When he went to slaughter the chicken, he tried to leave as much of the neck in tact as he could. After he chopped off the head, the chicken got up and started resuming normal chicken behavior with the other animals, even though its head was totally missing! Olsen figured it might be an interesting curiosity, and after the chicken was still alive and well after a week, he took it into the local university to have scientists study Mike.

Scientists determined that he survived because the ax had missed his jugular vein, and a clot had prevented him from bleeding to death. They also discovered that Mike had enough brain stem left to carry on his normal rooster functions. Olsen had to feed him with an eyedropper, carefully dropping food into his exposed esophagus. Mike became quite famous, and lived for one and a half years with no head.

You think im making this all up still? Well, check out the main page of the website and find out for yourself here. But wait! Dont forget to show me some love by subscribing to my blog for more Unusual and Strange but true facts.

Random Unusual Facts About Animals Part 2

This one is the follow-up post about the Random Unusual Facts that ive been keeping for some time now. They might be strange, but they are true. Enjoy guys!

Butterflies taste with their feet.

A snail can sleep for three years.

An octopus will eat its own arms if it gets really hungry.

Moose have very poor vision. Some have even tried to mate with cars.

The world smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand, weighing less than a penny.

If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

In his book, The Insects, naturalist Url N. Lanham reports that the aphid reproductive cycle is so rapid that females are born pregnant.

Most lipstick contains fish scales.

All porcupines float in water.

When a frog swallows a meal, his bulgy eyeballs will close and go down into his head. This is because the eyeballs apply pressure and actually push a frog's meal down his throat!

An ostrich's eye is bigger that its brain.

The pudu, a native of Chile's temperate rainforest, stands just 18 inches high, making it the world's smallest deer.

Pigs are the only animal that will drink hard liquor voluntarily,

A whale's penis is called a dork.

Dating Advice For Men Is In Boom

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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This post was brought to you by seductionbible.

Interesting And Weird Animals You Have Never Seen Before

Monday, October 22, 2007

For today's post, I decided to feature two of the weirdest, strangest and i think among the most interesting animals in the world. Following my previous post about the Axolotl (Another Weird Animal), I searched for something that is not from the body of the ocean so, i decided to go outback and far from any sandy beach; it could only mean one place, Africa.

Take a look at this Interesting Animal called the Aye-Aye. Nope! Its not the Philippine Actress/comedian but this one is from Madagascar. Just look at how charming it is. . awww. . At this point maybe your thinking im crazy, not to be surprised at all. haha!

Quick Facts About Aye-Aye:
The Aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is a strepsirrhine native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth with a long, thin middle finger to fill the same ecological niche as a woodpecker. It is the world's largest nocturnal primate, and is characterized by its unique method of finding food; it taps on trees to find grubs, then gnaws holes in the wood and inserts its elongated middle finger to pull the grubs out.

Dfaubentonia is the only genus in the family Daubentoniidae and infraorder Chiromyiformes. The Aye-aye is the only extant member of the genus (although it is currently an endangered species); a second species (Daubentonia robusta) was exterminated over the last few centuries.Source:Wikipedia

Now its time for the second featured Weird Animal for today. If you look at this Funny Creature, you would probably torn between two things : You might wonder if its a monkey or a cat. Well, i guess you just have to find that out for yourself. At first look, this interesting but weird animal looks so civilized because of its mustache. Heck, i dont know any other animal with a mustache. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Emperor Tamarin. No kidding! That's his name!

Some quick facts about this wierd animal:

The Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus imperator) is a tamarin allegedly named for its similarity with the German emperor Wilhelm II. The name was first intended as a joke, but has become the official scientific name. This tamarin lives in the southwest Amazon Basin, in east Peru, north Bolivia and in the west Brazilian states of Acre and Amazonas.

The fur of the Emperor Tamarin is predominantly grey colored, with yellowish speckles on its chest. The hands and feet are black and the tail is brown. Outstanding is its long, white mustache, which extends to both sides beyond the shoulders. The animal reaches a length of 24 to 26 cm, plus a 35 cm long tail. It weighs approximately 300 to 400 g.
This primate inhabits tropical rain forests, living deep in the forest and also in open tree-covered areas. It is a diurnal animal, spending the majority of its days in the trees with quick, safe movements and broad jumps among the limbs. Source:Wikipedia

That's it for today's feature folks, watch out for the upcoming weird and interesting animals. Be sure to bookmark this blog if you want to catch up on everything.

Weird But Amazing Animal Facts

This are some of the animal facts that i think you didnt know just yet. This may seem strange but they are really true facts. Wait a minute, should i just change the title of this post into "Strange But True Animal Facts". Well, not quite. Why? You find out yourself. . ;)

A humming bird weighs less than a penny.

The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump!

A lion’s roar can be heard up to a mile away!

The giraffe has only seven neckbones!

Right after hatching, young ducklings follow the first thing they see moving. And they keep following it for two weeks!

“Moose” means “eater of twigs” in the Algonquian Indian language!

Pandas eat over 10,000lbs. of bamboo a year!

Baby polar bears weigh only 1 pound at birth!

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

Baby hippos weigh 100 pounds at birth!

A kangaroo can leap higher than any other animal on earth. With a running jump, it can leap over a school bus.

Lions may spend up to 20 hours a day just sleeping!

Long ago, the biggest land animal was part of the rhino family. It was about 18 feet tall and 28 feet long!

Panda teeth are seven times larger than human teeth!

Now, you still think i should change the title?

Amazing Human Fact About A Male's Brain - Take The Test

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Got this one from Smiley Blog. This one really caught me fair and square. You might have received this one through E-mail but for those who dont know this yet, try this one out.

Try this its actually quite good. But don't cheat! Count the number of F's in the following text in 15 seconds:


Managed it?

Scroll down only after you have counted them! OK?

How many? Three? Are you sure? Wrong, there are six - Really! This one got me too. . Read again!


The reason is further down... The MALE brain cannot process the word "OF". Is that one heck of an amazing human fact or what? lol

Anyone who counts all six F's on the first go has a brain of a Female You can test this by asking a Guy/Girl near you to work it out. I gotcha!

Weird Animals - Ever Heard Of An Axolotl?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Axo what?!? This is my reaction when i first heard of this weird animal. I came across this animal in my random search on the internet the other day and i thought its a great idea of adding it up in here. Look at his poor little guy. Now i know where the creators of pokemon got their inspirations from. lol

The Axolotl (or ajolote) (Ambystoma mexicanum) is the best-known of the Mexican neotenic mole salamanders belonging to the Tiger Salamander complex. Larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled. The species originates from the lake underlying Mexico City. Axolotls are used extensively in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate most body parts, ease of breeding, and large embryos. They are commonly kept as pets in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Japan (where they are sold under the name Wooper Rooper, and other countries.

Axolotls should not be confused with waterdogs, the larval stage of the closely related Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum and Ambystoma mavortium), which is widespread in much of North America which also occasionally become neotenic, nor with mudpuppies (Necturus spp.), fully aquatic salamanders which are unrelated to the axolotl but which bear a superficial resemblance. source: wikipedia

Random Unusual Facts About Anything Part 1

Since having internet connection at home around a year and a half ago, ive been having a list of Unusual Facts, Funny Facts and Interesting Facts just about every time i encounter some. So, you could just imagine how much strange facts i have on my compilation, its too many that even categorizing them would be a very laborious process.

I am going to give it to you in parts so to get the ball rolling, here comes the Part 1.

A jellyfish is 95 percent water, and humans around 70%

A jellyfish is 95% water.

A jumbo jet uses 4,000 gallons of fuel to take off.

A kangaroo can jump up to 3 meters high and leap up to 8 meters.

A kangaroo can't jump unless it's tail is touching the ground.

A Kentucky statute states, "No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she is escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club." Later, an amendment proposed: "The provisions of this statute shall not apply to any female weighing less than sixty pounds nor exceeding 200 pounds; nor shall it apply to female horses."

A large swarm of locusts can eat 80,000 tons of corn a day.

A leech is a worm that feeds on blood. It will pierce its victim's skin, fill itself with three to four times its own body weight in blood, and will not feed again for months. Leeches were once used by doctors to drain "bad blood" from sick patients.

A lions roar can be heard from five miles away.

A lump of pure gold the size of a matchbox can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court.

A magic potion or charm thought to arouse sexual love, especially toward a specific person, is known as a "philter."

A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away.

A male moth can smell a female moth from 100 yards away.

A man and woman in Mexico city were engaged for 67 yrs and finally married at the age of 82 yrs.

A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years

A Manatee (Dugong) has very slow-clotting blood, and important in finding out about haemophilia.

A manned rocket can reach the moon in less time than it used to take to travel the length of England by stagecoach.

A mark twain, a nautical measurement of depth, is equal to twelve feet.

A McDonald's straw will hold 7.7 ml, or just over one-and-a-half teaspoons of whatever you are drinking.

A Michigan law states that a wife's hair legally belongs to her husband.

A millipede has 4 legs on each segment of its body.

A mockingbird has been known to change its tune 87 times over a span minute span.

source: bored.com

Fact Vs. Fiction: Did Marlboro Man Really Die Of Lung Cancer?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Not so macho, after all. . .

We often hear it as a popular urban legend that the Marlboro Man, died because of lung cancer. But do we really know the truth about this? Well, its finally time you know the truth. Yes! He died because of lung cancer. And whats even more interesting is that, he died not only once, but twice! Intrigued? Read on. . .

Many men played the role of Marlboro Man throughout the years but two of these men died because of Lung Cancer.

The first Marlboro Man was Wayne McClaren died in 1992. He gained recognition after appearing in ad campaigns for Marlboro in 1976. After he was diagnosed of Lung Cancer, he was a firm supporter of anti-smoking campaign until his health finally declined.

The second Marlboro Man to die of lung cancer was David McClean, his health deteriorated until his eventual death in 1995. As it turns out, he was also hired by Phillip Morris to promote their product. His family filed a suit against Phillip Morris, saying he had to smoke sometimes five packs of cigarettes a day in order to complete commercial filming and print ad shoots.

Reference: About.com

Wierd Names : Strange Names And Urban Legends About Names

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In gradeschool, i had a friend named Patricio Patricio. No kidding! That's his name! His last name is Patricio and he was named the same exact thing by his parents for no apparent reason at all. You can look it up to my gradeschool graduation yearbook if i didnt sound that convincing enough for you. One time my curiosity got the best of me and asked him why in heaven's name did his parents give him that Strange and Weird Name, he just smiled and said, "to follow the tradition". As it turns out to my amazement, he was the third in the family to bear the name! His father is Patricio Patricio Jr. and that makes him naturally as Patricio Patricio III. Wow! But he told me he prefers to be called "Pat". Well pat, this one's for you man! Hope you dont ever get to read this blog at all. haha!

Since this events, i got a thing about weird names and through the years, I have encountered some Bizarre, Strange, Weird and majority are Funny but its either in Bisaya (my native dialect) or in Tagalog (the primary language in the Philippines). I will tell you some but i have to translate it for you guys. My cousin, Leah, married a guy with the his lastname as "Bajao" which literally means "rotten" or something rancid. Her marriage resulted to her name devastated and destroyed because now, she is known as "Rotten Leah". Well cuz, you better not read this blog. haha! Another rumor is circulating that a recent wedding had a poster outside the hotel reception "Cabahug - Otene Nuptial". When someone bisaya reads this, only one thing would come up to his mind "Smelly Penis". haha! With marriage like this, i better not marry at all! What are these guys thinking?! No offense though. But you guys are hilarious.

Another incident when I was watching a boring movie in the local theater i think it was the island that was showing then, I found the name "Coco Cole" listed as one of the floor managers or something. To add up, our former boarder had a wife named "Cory Aquino" the first woman president in the Philippines. One day, i received his mail and the postman was like "Good morning! A letter for Joyce (Boarder's name) from uhmm. . ahh. . the President??" I nearly broke my jaw bone laughing out loud. My girlfriend's gay friend is named Mikel Ho. Keep it goin mik! haha! And lastly, the recently concluded Miss Cagayan de Oro 2007 had a candidate named "Vahjna". No kidding! Look it up on google. No wonder there was a hissing sound whenever she was called during the talent portion. What are these people's parents thinking?? For god sake, save their soul. If i was a mayor, i would penalize these guys for child abuse. lol

Ive done a research about Funny Names and Weird Names on the Internet and selected few to be posted here.

  • I assure you it's 100% legitimate. The first girl I ever kissed was named Jenny Tull (genital). We also had a Peter Pang and a Chrystal Chandelier in highschool.
  • The mother of little Nosmo King was supposedly inspired by a "No Smoking" sign in the lobby of the hospital where the baby was born.
  • Unlike the other names above, Ima Hogg actually does exist. She was the daughter of a early 20th century Texan politician. She was also a philanthropist. However, nobody has verified variations like Ima Pigg and Ura Hogg.
  • When I was in high school, I heard a girl called over the intercom a couple times - Anita Pee - and I just assumed it was a joke. Nope, there really was an Anita Pee. Cliche, you say? Let me continue. Soon yearbooks were distributed and I discovered Anita has a younger brother named Chris... the kid's name is Chris Pee! Crispy! Hahaha!
  • a family in my neighborhood had the surname Carr. Their son's name? Dusty Carr. I always felt bad for him.
  • My deceased grandmother swore that she knew a Donald Duck, who was born before the cartoon Donald Duck was invented.
  • I actually went to school with a Wendy, Dusty, Misty and Stormy a set of siblings all with the last name Day .

Do you have something in mind? Let me know, post it up on the comments box and ill make another post with your submitted names. Keep an eye out for those Weird Names!

Funny Sports Pics And Images

Ive collected several Funny Sport Pics during the course of my blogging and with this blog at hand, i thought it might be the right time to post them up here. So, here it goes. . .

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures A very bad call ref! You have your glasses on?

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures Something tells me that kick is at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures Wow, that's completely a handful.

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures No coach, somebody might see us. . .

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures I always knew its a full contact sport, but this is insane.

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures What are these guys doing??

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures That has got to be the longest hand in sports history. He should join boxing instead.

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures
Darn! Just when you got the momentum.

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures Mommy, someone hit me. . .

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures This one is right on the Money. . Kaching! !

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures
Now, you see something odd and strange on this pic? Oh yes, the head is missing!

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures

As they say, the show must go on. . .

Now this one really cracked me out. Have you ever played golf in your lifetime? Well, probably, but how are you going to feel if youre on the 19th hole and it suddenly runs?? Watch the pic.

strange funny pictures, funny sport pictures, Funny Football Pictures

That's all for now folks! Keep coming back for more! ;)

The World's Fattest Giraffe.

This is a Strange But True Animal Fact/Fiction. This Photo was taken in Tanzania by Louigie Leeky while on a recent safari trip. Hard to believe isnt it? Well, it depends on how you weigh this out. What do you think?

Interesting Pictures : How Do You See These Weird Images?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are you familiar with the program of Discovery Channel that had a portion or segment that was entitled "EyeSpy With my Little Eye?". I was crazy about this segment when I was still young. Well, im still young today but a bit more manly. Just a bit im afraid. lol Anyways, this is sort of a similar segment on this blog. In here, i will feature Interesting Pictures, Strange Pics, Weird Images and everything that will stimulate your sense of vision.

For this post, im starting off with something i found over at the internet hopping ages ago. What do you see between the white squares? Are there really gray dots between them?

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures
This one is quite an interesting picture. Keep your eyes on the plus sign on the center of the pink circles for a while and see what happens to the pink circles after sometime?

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting picturesWhere has the pink circles gone? And why is it that only the rotating green dot is left?

And this one is a weird pic. You see three perfect squares right? Or wrong?. You decide. . .

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures
This one is called a dancing elephant. Why? Try to count how many legs does this elephant have. A personal tip : Use a calculator. lol

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures Now, this one is a one of the weird images i found from my ramblings. I call it the moving circles. Why? Observe the blue circles and youll know the answer.

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures

This one is a funny picture. I wondered if i ever could see anything like this when me and my friends have a drinking session but somehow, something tells me i can relate with this picture.

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures

Now if youre a christian, you should be moved by this pic. I was, when i first saw it. Even until now, i still am amazed by it. If youre not a christian, well, look at it. Maybe you cant relate who he is but still, worth the watch. Look at the four dots inside the pic. After 30 seconds, close your eyes and look at something bright like a lampshade or the sun while your eyes are closed. You should see someone. ;)

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures

Another moving circle for your amusement. Looks nice, doesnt it?

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures

Now this one's a very interesting picture. A moving curtain. I dont know how they do it, but somehow i think its very difficult. Look at the picture from right to left then back.

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures

Thats all for today folks! I hope you had a great time viewing the Strange pictures i presented today. And to top it all off, im presenting you another interesting picture and a Trivia Fact at the same time. Did you know that the FedEx logo has a hidden (well, not exactly) arrow on it? They say it stands for speed and precision in every delivery. Check out the space between "E" and "x".

Strange pics, Weird Images, Interesting pictures

Unusual Facts : Which is Faster? A Sneeze or a Cough?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Have you ever wondered how fast a cough or a sneeze travel? Well, since I was a child, i used to wonder which one is faster, a sneeze or a cough. Im already 19, mature enough i think and i have to free myself from this mystery once and for all so i did a little research which is not that hard nowadays. The verdict? I would be delighted to share this one with you.

A cough travels 60 miles per hour (mph). Wow! thats even faster than my normal city driving. But here's the real deal : On the average, a sneeze travels 100 - 130 miles per hour or mph. I could not believe it at first because it seems like they just travel at the same speed. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the sneeze won the race fair and square and almost without any competition at all. Well, this one really solves at least 10 years of dilemma that i had.

What do you think? Is there anything you questioned as a child? If so, then let me know. Ill be more than happy to find out for myself. ;)

Weird, Interesting and Unusual Facts About Health

As my very first post on this blog, i would like to start off with a great find of weird unsual facts about health. This one i found from my ramblings around the internet. I found them interesting at the same time i think they are strange but true facts that we have to think about. Are they really true? Well, find out for yourself. . .

  • A cough releases an explosive charge of air that moves at speeds up to 60 mph.
  • A fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months.
  • A fingernail or toenail takes about 6 months to grow from base to tip.
  • A healthy individual releases 3.5 oz. of gas in a single flatulent emission, or about 17 oz. in a day.
  • A human being loses an average of 40 to 100 strands of hair a day.
  • A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks.
  • A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 mph.
  • According to German researchers, the risk of heart attack is higher on Monday than any other day of the week.
  • According to the Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 3/4 inches.
  • After spending hours working at a computer display, look at a blank piece of white paper. It will probably appear pink.